the white unicorn


(Butterfly doctor by Ronni a. Hall)

Yesterday, at Adrienne’s Fairy and Angel chat on Ning, we met a unicorn. It was a powerful invocation led by Adrienne which led me face to face with a white horse with horn. The unicorn’s message was that my heart was blocked and that most of my Guides have been working overtime to reopen that space in my chest!

It’s been a very tough summer. Our RAD teen has been at cross-purposes with our goals to be a happy family. She really only wants control, not love, at this time. The mostly sweet little girl is replaced by something foreign and her actions and words have done a number on us.  So, meeting this unicorn with this message seemed timely and true.

This morning I woke from a dream visit with my Mom. She reminded me to take care of my inner child, the one who has been bullied and ignored through most of the summer.

I had a special Mom. She often gave me small presents that my inner child loves, well up until I was older and grown and in my 30s. I tried to parent my daughter the same way giving her gifts and toys for special occasions. With her therapists lately she complains how the bag of clothes I gave her were not good enough and I should know what she likes, or the book I tried to give her (Sark) I thought she’d like, was me forcing her to read something. (RAD teens hate to be nurtured or parented unless they feel in control). What really hurt was when most of her “stuff” I gave her through those years were put into the yard sale we had.

I had to think…was I also rejecting my own inner parenting to myself? Was I telling myself what I was doing wasn’t enough? What I was giving not enough? Was I even spending time with my inner child? Who, unlike my daughter, would actually appreciate and enjoy it?

I think the white unicorn represents our inner child’s power and glory.  When we deny it and act too adult, we lose our power. We lose our special light inside.

Go embrace your inner unicorn! Seek out the fun part of you. The one that loves stickers and tiny toys. It’s the place to start for the wounded heart.