The meaning of poison?

fortunebuttonEmma Lou, our basset hound, ate a bottle of chewable glucosamine yesterday. After the panic, and quick calls to the doctor, we were told she would probably be very bloated and gassy, but she’d be fine. Can you imagine? After eating a bottle? Thank goodness!

Here’s the weird part…and there is always a weird part with my life. The day before Jessica was home from school from eating four peppers from a classmate. She got sick from eating them and ending up in the nurse’s office.

Big coincidence. The next morning I dreamt about Emma being poisoned by a vampire, sick, but okay.

The vet said on the phone that eating too much of glucosamine, a relatively safe supplement, may upset Emma’s blood sugar temporarily. Blood, vampire. Hmmm.

Being the spiritually-minded person that I am, I always look for the big picture or message here. Was the dream a premonition–that which was going to happen? Or, what was planned? What was I taking in that was poisoning me, even if temporarily. What do you think?


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