Is it me? Or is everyone crazy?

fairyHave you noticed others acting just a little off kiltered? I’ve noticed relatives flipping out, some clients acting a bit whoozy, and our electronic devices and car konking out. Eclipse-action, perhaps? Maybe so if you are one of the super-sensitives. Our daughter came back from a vacation with relatives with her storytelling habit out of control. I feel like I am living in a world of unreality.

On a funner note, I’ve been given a complete vision of where I want to head my biz and work — combining my art with the intuition–where I was heading all along when I created my illustrated Fairy Online school, which is going strong. I will be combining my art blog with my psychic blog here to be an integrated whole. And my Designing Fairy site will evolve into my creations site. So, enjoy more artwork here, folks, combined with my usual posts on what I’ve learned interacting with the world of the psychic as an empath/sensitive. Woot!