Think Bigger

I found this great reminder from my Best of the Blog ebook:

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thinking Bigger

I am learning how to think bigger. What does this mean exactly? I find that the parts of my life that are blatantly not working are because I adapted very limited thinking. I listened to the voices around me that said, “That can’t be done. That’s just the way it is. This is how to do it. Think
realistically.” If we hadn’t of thought there was more, we’d be stuck in horrible situations with no options. I see that now. When I checked in with my Fairy and Angel Guides, they told me to always think bigger. Why do I forget to? I look at my life. I have experienced miraculous things. Mostly because I didn’t know better! But it is a battle to think this way. There are so many opposing voices telling you not to. The bigger lesson is to stand firm and believe. To envision bigger pastures, and lots of choices. If I hadn’t thought bigger, I never would have talked to Fairies, or animals, or find the Other Side, or my daughter, or my books, or anything! Do me a favor. Just today. Think Bigger.