Weird art therapy

Getting back into my art, I turned to painting and drawing yesterday. I was amazed at how much “stuff” was lying underneath the surface. Painting is a brave endeavor. The mere act releases a ton. But what really freaked me out was when I began drawing, a character emerged. A creepy, freaky character I named Beauty. Far from my usual upbeat artwork, this gal was dark. Hmmmm…..another aspect of my long-forgotten self?




3 thoughts on “Weird art therapy

  1. I like Beauty. She is the quiet, inner part of
    the artist that creates masterpieces!
    Picasso and Van Gogh had their own inner
    Inner Beauty is someone we should all get to know.

  2. what type of paint are u using?

    i find it neat that you named them beauty eventhough you recognize them as creepy and dark.

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