Soltice essences and Sale

It’s our July 4th flower essence potion sale.

In honor of the upcoming fourth, we are offering sale prices on many flower potions at our store:

We are also featuring our After Solstice Flower Potions to help you balance after the huge shift we all experienced. The essences that have been a must for me have been:

Salvia: for emotional calm for the rollercoaster ride we’ve all experienced
Anthurium plant: for not pushing and allowing the Universe to step in (I need to mainline this one)
Daylily: for hope during tough times
Bachelor’s Buttons: for staying centered in the storm, whether others’ dramas or our own
Aquamarine: for balancing out the energies coming in and out
Dark Pink Rose: for gentle release and calming of powerful emotions (this potion once stopped a panic attack in mid flight)
Lilac: for releasing the past and gaining clarity on the past
Blazing Rose (new!): for relaxing the whole system to integrate the changes and shift, and to give you a rest

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If you have any questions on ordering, etc., just email me!

Have a happy fourth!

Fairy blessings.