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Energy alert: don’t get lost in the bad stuff

Perhaps it’s just at my house, but the energies seem a bit crazy the last month. Everything is heightened and my empath sense is way up. When I talk to others I hear the same thing! It’s important to not go down with the bad energies that are coming up. Since everyone is dealing with a lot of core issues in their faces, that means a lot of people’s stuff is flying around! Wow, empaths, how do we deal with it?

  • Protection, protection!
  • Watch when we get triggered by other people’s stuff and deal with your own triggers and issues coming up. See what is yours and not yours. (not always easy!) (I thoroughly recommend EMDR training).
  • Clear out often.
  • Reach for your Guides & Angel advice! This has helped me tremendously to see the bigger & higher picture of what is happening around me and not get caught up. This is where being empathic is a good thing. We can figure out what is happening truly underneath so we don’t get lost in the surface issues and feel and go way down!
  • And most importantly, be really mindful of what takes you lower to the more wounded places inside yourself instead of what brings you to your best place. I find when I am triggered by the bad or hard in my life, if I take the lower road, I grab for obsessing on the computer, or, usually more working to feel better. This usually leads to more lower for me and then it’s an endless cycle of keeping me  lower in my pain. The key for me is to grab what helps me feel more higher or good about myself: talking to my Guides, creating, being in Nature,  swimming, walking, playing with my girls, being with my family one-on-one, and more creating! When I create or do these things I feel more ME. A much higher version that reflects back to me all the good things that make up me.

Good luck empaths!



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