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Get Rid of Things That Make You Bitchy

Today’s post is about getting rid of things that make you bitchy. Oh, that is just fun to write. Some things you can’t always get rid of (relatives, teenagers), but I am amazed how many things I’ve held on to because I think I SHOULD be doing this or that. I have this Capricorn mind that plans and plans and likes all my ducks sitting neatly in a row. I tell myself, everyone is doing a. so I need to do a. to get what I want. Not true. For instance, I’m not into Twitter. I just don’t get it, don’t understand, can’t follow something that has no pictures or visuals, but I love Facebook. I love teaching small groups at the college, but I really hate teaching big informal lecture halls, or being squooshed into someone’s living room with twenty-five people.  I really hate receiving email marketing for new teleconferences, etc. , that tell me they have all the answers for a particular problem in a big hard sell. Yuck! Thirty minutes into the call and they are selling me something I can’t afford or need and they told me what I already knew.

So, do I follow Twitter, teach at lecture halls and do teleconferences? If I am at a low point, and others have told me I should do this to get what I need, and that there is something wrong with me if I don’t,  I might, (remember, low point) and then I will probably bitch and moan on this blog. Hopefully, I will remind myself there are many ways to climb a mountain, and the ways you do it are meant for you and your path of success.

Which leads me to my Newsletter. I love writing and I enjoy writing my newsletter. I like to blog the best because I like the give and take of writing–when clients and friends write telling me how something I wrote helped them, I light up like a lightning bug. Often my newsletters are pitches for my work or classes and are meant to draw biz. Boy, is it frustrating when I send out a big mailing and there is dead silence. All my little buttons are pushed from childhood. I go through stages of grief, mainly sadness and anger. I’ve come to the conclusion–why I am I sending out a newsletter when I have this blog?

If you are interested in my new classes or services, then read this blog and check in often. My newsletter makes me bitchy.



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  1. I hear what you are saying. I don’t twitter, don’t care to read a tweet and yadda, yadda. I like blogging also. Good for you for expressing your thoughts – after all isn’t that what a blog is for?

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