What does this mean?

Okay, had a recurring dream that I want to take an art class–this time an animation class–and in order to sign up, need to pass along my phone number. I go into my purse and there are so many different business cards with different phone numbers–all old. I can’t find a recent card.

To make things even weirder, Emma Lou (this is in real life, not dream world), has knocked over my pocketbook from the counter several times, throwing the business cards all over the floor. The one day she dragged the one card around on the ground.

I am feeling a restlessness and a desire for other things. It may be my soul wanting to expand, but I have noticed a slow down in flow in many areas. Readings are still happening, and the college classes did not go this time so I am teaching privately and at a rescue group. I love teaching, but I am feeling that soon I will be teaching more things, and my soul needs-wants to create more now for a living.

I’ve been reading a good book called THE INSTRUCTION which helps you find your soul type and missions. I am a CREATOR SPIRITUALIST with CARETAKER tendencies. No wonder I want to take care of all my clients! Perhaps the dream relates to what I’ve read. I need to create foremost to be happy.

So, how does it tie into the business cards dream? Or, Emma Lou’s crytic message?  Hmmmm. What do you think?



  1. Hi Ronni,
    I wonder if the dream is a nudge for you to look thru the business cards in your purse? Maybe you’ll see something there that triggers something?
    I am always so happy to see a new post in your blog! I meant to comment on how your last post helped me…. I needed the reminder that just because something I need hasn’t come yet, it doesn’t mean the universe has forsaken me, it just means that “it is finding a better way to reach me. It will come in a better form”. Ronni, what perfect timing for this message! Thank you!

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