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Moving again and surrender

We just endured our third? move in 3 years! When we sold our house in Cottonwood, we found the first place we could that would take 4 dogs, 2 birds, and 3 people. It was expensive and a bit odd. The light fixtures didn’t match the lights. There was a fireplace…buried in concrete behind a wall. The Arizona room I was so excited about was either too hot or too cold. We had a tough time when we lived in that house. We lost our Lilibeth there and I went through that huge energy shift clearing that left me physically incapacitated for awhile. So, when we were offered a new place by a friend we jumped at it. The pink house was comfy and bizarre in its own way, but very old and cramped and it had one bathroom. With a growing teenaged girl this was an ordeal. We didn’t want to go through yet another move, especially after just losing Foxy to the other side, but the lease was up and rents are way down out here, so another move we did. This new house is wonderful. It’s large, two bathrooms, modern, comfy and in a fun community neighborhood. We feel spoiled!

I am amazed that when we are at rock bottom and scared, is when I finally surrender. I’ll let go of my hands off the wheel. You see, this only happens when things look rather dire and impossible, and then everything works out beautifully. I would like to work on this behavior. Surely, I don’t need to get to this point to be better assisted. You would think! So I will learn this new way of trusting. Lesson learned? Hopefully.



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