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Crazy life and Foxy visit

I haven’t blogged. Our lives are crazy at the moment right now. We are moving again in a month–our lease is up and we would prefer more than one bathroom. 🙂 Our daughter Jessica, who we had adopted five years ago, is having major troubles with her old trauma coming up and I can’t even begin to discuss that here. So, sometimes, when life is doing a big clearing and healing, the picture doesn’t always look very good.

On the one very positive note, our Foxy’s spirit, as she had promised before she crossed, has been very active in helping us, including visiting one of my best friends to deliver some messages. Wendy called me and said, “What a night. Foxy just visited with a bunch of messages.” To add to the validation, her son woke from a dead sleep and muttered, “I didn’t sleep well last night. The dog kept talking to me.”

Last night I had the funniest dream mixed in with a visit. Foxy burst into the room riding a bicycle! I watched amazed her tackling this bike. It was a bit of a joke because when Foxy was alive, she was constantly pushing herself to learn and try things, and was determined to always heal everything that didn’t work in her body. I asked her how it was possible she was still here. And she said, she regenerated. She then turned into Demi Moore! She told me in her Foxy voice, “I wanted to continue being your teacher, Dear.” I told her I had plenty of questions, so we sat and talked. I woke with the best feeling, awashed in Foxy’s energy!



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