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Psychic vs. scientist

scientistI am slowly learning:

  • I question myself when around someone who is more of a “scientist” and is unbelieving. One of Foxy’s vets looks at me like I am crazy when I tell her what Foxy is feeling or what I “get”. She took xrays of Foxy’s back and showed places where she had problems. She said, “She may or may not have any pain.” I said, “Yes, she has pain. I told you that. Several times. In those exact places.” She just ignored me. The woman only looks at the numbers and doesn’t seem to have the intuition or feeling to see what is happening. Being an empathic/intuitive person, I can’t even understand this. I was furious she would question my abilities or expertise of ten years when I don’t hers. It’s out and out disrespectful! And worse, around that energy,  I begin to question myself.
  • Perhaps, she is mirroring my own doubts. My Guides had given me advice about Foxy’s health I questioned because I didn’t see results in front of me. I had to act on blind faith and I haven’t been able to do that. Perhaps I too, am the scientist.
  • Trusting even though situations may look bad or hopeless: I remember when we were selling our house a few years back when the market just started to go downhill. At the time, I was getting advice from our departed dog of all things. Talk about faith. But, I wholeheartedly trusted  Lucy and I felt her spirit, and heard her. Lucy said we’d find that buyer and said when- March. There was a bit of a snag. A realtor came in March bringing an interested client and the client fell through–couldn’t get financing! We were then approached by a shady couple to buy our house cheaply. Was this the buyer? This couple felt so horrible, I had a migraine after talking to them. We decided to go with faith, said no, and decided to wait it out. Glad we did. Only two days later, that nice realtor came by again with our buyer. That buyer who picked out our house from a huge list of houses unseen and said, “That one.” What if I hadn’t trusted? I’d have missed the miracle.
  • We do need that balance: science balanced with intuition. If I treated Foxy for her kidneys with just faith, I don’t know if I’d see results. We still need the medications for support and the fluids. There is a role for each. I know if I had bacterial pneumonia I sure as hell would want some antibiotics and not just hands-on-healing to wipe it out.  I’d need both. Getting information that is happening is needed from the animals and Guides and then the vet/doctor can come in and do support. We can use natural support–plants, etc., but we still need that. I guess, it’s all balance.
  • We are not just test results. You need the full story on all levels what is occuring to a person or animal. Too unbalanced a view doesn’t give the whole picture.


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One thought on “Psychic vs. scientist

  1. Happy New Year!
    Perspectives that echo around you are only tidbids of the truth. You know in your heart what is real. Many human beings spend a lifetime engaged in a silent tug-of-war of what is real and what is illusion. Science and Religion have disagreed on the truth since the beginning of time. This is believed to be because each camp uses different tools and belief systems. When you view the world using figurative apples and someone else uses a figurative vegetable, then it is not surpising your perception will differ widely. To move beyond judgment would mean you would not choose to use apples or oranges. For now, the option exists to agree to disagree. As awareness changes, you only see what matters.

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