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Realistic expectations & helping

Sorry I haven’t blogged lately. I’ve been a bit swamped lately with responsibilities. My husband and I are grappling with troubles with our newly-teen daughter who isn’t adjusting well to high school. I am also taking a DVD-editing and creating class, teaching at the college (animal communication!), and doing lots of readings. I feel guilty I haven’t had time to create–no drawing, painting or making new classes. Isn’t that insane?? I longingly visit my artistic friends’ blogs and drip with envy and sadness. Not a good thing.

I think many of us who are creative have some unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves. There are so many ideas, so many interests. I find myself often so in love with ideas that surround me, I want to tackle them all! The irony is I then beat myself up when I can’t do it all or bring in what I need!

I also have a hard time balancing what I give out through my helping biz with the time I create and give to myself. I think this is reflected in the lack that I see.

I’ve talked often lately of downsizing what I am doing or offering. Because I have lots of creative energy I often find I am giving out a great deal but not seeing it come back to me. This is a problem. So, this is a time in my life when it’s time to tackle that–look deep down, plug up all those energy gaps, and begin to receive. I see how the Universe is teaching me this lesson. In the past month, I have met the most amazing people who have offered to gift me or exchange their talents, so I know I am doing something right!

Have you seen this in your life?



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