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The Car Miracle

I had no idea how I was going to pay for my car repairs. I didn’t know the “how’s”, but I was beginning to understand the “why’s.” All I knew was that I needed a fixed car to drive or I was dead in the water. Some guidance came through, or perhaps ideas–my own mind grasping at how things should look. None of that played out.

The first miracle was when I broke down I was befriended by Jim, who works at the Coop store I ran to, that I have friends at. He sat with me most of the day, waiting for the tow, and recommended Miles at Frank’s Automotive. My car, affectionately called Uncle Peeby Jeeby, was towed to that shop at 6pm Friday.  I told my Dad the dilemma who offered to help with repairs number one (Miracle #2). Woo! Big relief and great assistance.

Now, how would I get Uncle to the body shop to repair his boo-boos from being hit and run while parked in the parking lot waiting for the tow (I kid you not). Miles, offered to drive Uncle to the next destination if I needed it, I’d need to call him later.

My insurance company had paid for a car rental, a very cute and fun convertible pt cruiser (miracle #3). I had just recently remarked I’d love a convertible. And, very cool, I had full coverage so rentals were covered.

My last hurdle was how to pay the $500 deductible I didn’t have for the body shop. The insurance was going to issue a check for the repairs sans that money. I just had to be honest. I called the body shop to arrange my car to get there, and sure enough, Miles had already drove it over. This is where it gets really good….I told Patti over at the body shop my dilemma. At first, she said, Could I pay the $500 in payments? I told her honestly, if I had that extra money I’d pay for Foxy’s dental (our red dog), who desperately needed it. Well, turns out Patti at Downtown Paint and Body is a dog person. Not only a dog person, but a BEAGLE person. Now for those of you who know me and my family and know my artwork, you know we are huge BEAGLE people, especially from being a beagle parents to Lilibeth and Jake for many years, and I grew up with a beagle Andyboy. So, we then talked beagles for awhile and beagle rescues and next thing you know, Patti waived the deductible!

I want to thank all my Angels and Guides and the hearts of all these people who were knee-deep in helping me learn how to trust the goodness of others. For a while there, I had even said, I trust my Guides & Angels, but people sure let you down. I had had a few experiences in the past few years that brought this home. As if the Universe would have no part of that nonsense, this drama played out. To be without a car, was the ultimate in surrender for me, and the folks along the way were each angels in their own right. Thank you for restoring my faith.



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  1. This is an amazing story of trust and faith and honesty!! Thanks for sharing…. it helped restore my faith and trust too!

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