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Angels are nearby…

During trying times our Angels and helpers are always nearby. When we are feeling the lowest and the worst, doesn’t it feel like they’ve gone on vacation??? But what I’ve noticed is that when I had some moments of calm, and felt up, my Angels could reach me for messages.

Yesterday I picked up the rental car. I was beyond excited when I saw if was a PTcruiser convertible! I’ve been worrying about my sick car, but just for now I was going to enjoy this convertible. I’ve never driven one. As I rode around town, with the sun streaming and my hair blowing, I felt a weird kind of bliss. Wasn’t I being disloyal to my misery? No. Darn it, I was going to enjoy this moment where I felt great and and I was enjoying the ride. I knew this was the message. To enjoy right now. I’m not usually good at this. I spend most of my life planning ahead. I knew that trust lied in that very moment.

I turned on the radio to hear my signature song, “Don’t stop believing, hold on to that feeling.” My Angel song. “Is that you Angels?” I asked. Sure enough, walking into the grocery store I heard the song playing “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan.

I think in that moment, with my heart open again and I was feeling more up, they could reach me.



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