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Can you trust when things are looking bad?

That’s the real test, I think. Time and again, I’ve experienced this test. One day I will get it. I chose an animal card yesterday: Maintain Control and Beliefs. It’s hard sometimes. Yes, I’ve read the SECRET. I’ve worked the manifesting books, but we can’t always see how things will lead. It isn’t always just me trying to manifest but all of us working together pulling many strings. How do I know what small act that I was guided to do or something I said during this experience can lead to someone else’s good.

The other night, in the middle of the car fiasco-worrying state I was in, we watched a slow movie called MIDNIGHT CLEAR. The movie had some religious undertones I did not resonate with, so I let that go. But the message was nice: it was the small acts or choices that the players made that left lasting impressions. So, I am waiting for the big picture surrounding my car. I am expecting my needs will be met even in a situation that looks hopeless (it’s worked before for me and my family), and I am expecting that who I have met along the way will lead to some good. And hey, I am only human. Beyond the spiritual perspective, I really, really want to be able to pay to fix my car. Just more trusting.



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  1. So timely and true, Ronni! True faith is being at peace with not always being able to see the bigger picture. Always a process and often, more opportunities to strengthen that faith than others. Thank you!

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