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Abundance on a budget

10 Ways to feel like you’re Abundant when your cashflow isn’t flowing:

  1. Head to the library. Where else can you walk out of a place with an arm full of free books? Our library allows 50 items at one time! I’ve walked out with 10 DVDs, 10 CDs, tons of best-selling books! And don’t forget the cheapo 25 cent magazines! I recently picked up the latest VOGUE!
  2. Sign up for My Points.  Earn enough and you can win free gift cards. My husband and I recently went to Olive Garden for free! Boy, did we need that treat. Nothing like having someone refill your water, bring you food you don’t have to make, and ask you continually if everything is all right. It’s a dream to us caregiver types!
  3. Take $10 and head to the local thrift store like the Goodwill. Not only will you give to a good cause, but you can buy several outfits! My daughter and I recently went to a Fill a bag for $1 sale. We walked away with whole wardrobes and we’re talking good quality clothes.
  4. Clean your closets or your drawers. You’d be amaze how much stuff you already have and haven’t worn!
  5. Make something. Get out the art supplies and create! This shows you you can make something out of nothing! (um, in a good way)
  6. Bake from scratch. Same concept as no. 5. You can make great things (or in my case in baking, not so much.)
  7. Collect all the loose change from under the couch, your purse, the floor. Watch for the change on the ground when you go outside.
  8. Listen to all the free radio you can find. Listen to Pandora or Faerie Radio! Nothing like good new tunes to raise your mood. (Thanks to Bill who told me about Pandora).
  9. Trade with friends. I loved the day my friend Pam gave me a huge set of acrylic paints she wasn’t needing or wanting worth tons to me.
  10. And last but not least, spend some time doing what you put off as selfish or self-indulgent. Go use the paints, read the book you’ve put off reading, use that porch swing!

You will find just by doing a few things on the list, your mood expands and floats, and next thing you know abundance comes in other ways through the door. Off to paint… (from my October newsletter).



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One thought on “Abundance on a budget

  1. This was great. I took your advice and walked to the library downtown during my lunch hour today. When I I left the library I was carring two biographies in my arms; biographies of woman who grew up on homesteads. Yummy! It feels luxurious knowing I have hours of enjoyment ahead of me and it didn’t cost a thing. And I got exercise and fresh air as an added bonus!

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