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Good vs. bad energy & going deeper

I was going to write about one thing this morning, and realized the lesson I was learning was very different. Today I felt the difference between receiving good energy and bad energy. Good energy-wise–I received my daily message from I felt uplifted, powerful and excited to move on=good energy. I also received a very lovely blog review recognizing my blog as helpful=another warm, good fuzzy feeling. On the other hand, for the first time-I should feel flattered my blog is gaining such popularity-a very weird, critical and not very helpful blog comment. I questioned myself, felt yukky, and wanted to go into bad OCD-like behaviors=bad energy. Sometimes criticism is a good thing if it makes your work or services better. Good criticism might feel a little ouchy, but you know it is true. Bad criticism just doesn’t feel good. It isn’t helpful.

I would have stayed at the lesson right there, but BAM. I was reminded to go deeper. This same criticism was what I tell myself often–that if something isn’t working how I’d like it, I must not be doing it “right.” So, I need to excessively obsess over things and work harder until they are “right.” It was as if this person came along to show me this! This was old stuff and old patterns that didn’t make sense anymore. The truth for me I have found, is those who are right for your work, your services or business, “get” what you do right away. They already think it is right in every way, because it is meant for them. Haven’t you noticed this? The others will weed themselves out by asking for what you can’t give, wanting you to compromise more, and will want what you offer to be much different than what it is. I suppose this applies to relationships and life also. What do you think?



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  1. That sounds exactly right and it’s just what I needed to hear today. Thank you! I got to stop blaming myself for things out of my control..

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