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We are all energy-I get it!

I am one of those folks who believe it when I see it, or in this case, feel it. I suppose that is why I have in the last few years seen quite a few miraculous things. The other night, I was wide open, traveling in meditation, and had the amazing discovery that we are all energy or vibrations like stations on a radio. Okay, now we all know this. We’ve read it, heard it. But it was the first time I really felt it–it was exaggerated.

Sarah, our teagle beagle, jumped on the bed with her morning nervous energy. I felt her static, hyper energy, that to me felt physically very uncomfortable. I winced. I felt it on my own body as nervousness, that jumpy feeling. Then Emma Lou jumped on the bed, and her energy or radio station felt like it was set to “calm” or “elevator music.” Her energy was flowing and felt gentle and soft. Very comfortable to me. I realized on the microscopic feeling level, that is why some folks resonate with us and some don’t, although we are not consciously aware of it.

The other night I watched my classmates’ video creations in the DVD class. Our assignment was to edit film clips to accompany a piece of music of our choosing. Several of the movies were hard for me to watch. There was flashing, hard images and loud, jarring music. My eyes felt assaulted. Some folks’ energy is like this to me, only because my energy is different, although I do have days when my energy is like Sarah’s morning energy, and I suppose to Emma Lou, I am very jarring. Those days Emma doesn’t dig the music I am playing.



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  1. That’s awesome! I had an experience like that a couple of years ago and it really helped me get things straight in my mind about how the Universe works, especially subtle attractions/repulsions. It’s awesome!

  2. What wonderful reading this was! I also enjoyed reading “Not everyone is empathic”. Looking forward to reading more of your insightful blog.

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