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How do you feel lately? The energies…

The energy has been interesting lately. If you are empathic, you may still feel a bit of the lull, have experiences of head pain, vivid dreams, and sporadic emotional releasing. I’ve been having profound insights, been starving for protein, clearing out a ton, and having moments where I just feel like I have a bright lightbulb coming from inside me (that’s been kinda cool;) My energy has been changing, I am sure, because I feel great growing pains throughout and my body is having an intolerance for sugar (oh, gosh, hope that goes away!) I’ve been hearing better also, guidance that is, which is helpful. But I have been experiencing still a odd lull with biz trickling and money very quiet, so I’ve been battling my old fears of lack of support.

Had a great reading with Pamela last week which helped give me validation to what I was already hearing. I needed to rest. I was going through a big energy shift, etc. I’m busy healing.

I’m learning about digital video-making and the technology is exciting me! There is so much more I can do with this technology to further what I offer in my teaching and in my online classes. I think it is the new direction I am heading. I need to be brave in letting to all else that doesn’t serve or isn’t working, and be mature enough (maybe that isn’t the right word) to not take it personally!



I'm Ronni, a designing fairy living among the humans. I'm a writer, illustrator, and inventor who loves to share what I've learned to help others in a fun way, whether it's providing tools in my Help! I'm Sensitive series for the sensitive folk, Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck for connecting to your intuition through Nature, or the Idea Emporium for thinking like a designer to get out of boxes, I hope my creations help make life more fun and easier. I live in a treehouse with my beloved elf partner, giant ooh-yellow dog, a floppy bloodhound, and three step-fairies.

3 thoughts on “How do you feel lately? The energies…

  1. Moving toward vegetarianism has added clarity to my own thoughts, feelings and connections with energy. People often underestimate the deep influence of whatever they ingest. To evolve to develop internal vision can redefine your own insight into health and well-being.

  2. That is an excellent idea if someone is guided to do that, and I agree with lately, I haven’t been able to eat a slew of things including sugar. That’s my body guidance.

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