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Local animal communication classes

Okay, got the official schedule for the Fall at Yavapai College’s non-credit classes.

The animal communication classes are now listed at the college’s website–go to register online (you will need a password) and scroll down to the community education courses. Advanced Animal Communication is being offered on Tuesdays 10/28 to 12/09 from 1 to 3pm. The beginning course is offered 9/19 to 10/24 Fridays 9 to 11. It is still in the same awful room, unfortunately, but both classes are now 6 weeks long to give us more time. I’m excited about the advanced course where we will cover after death communication (my specialty), illness, and more advanced techniques. Hope you’ve be practicing!

Here’s the link:

or call the college to register at: 928-776-2199



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