I’m on the soapbox: Zoo owner not very aware

This article caught my eye. At a zoo, a golden retriever takes care of recently abandoned (by their biological mother) tiger cubs.


What caught my eye and got me reeling is this lovely comment by the zoo keeper:

The mother doesn’t know the difference, Harvey said. He said the adopted mother licks, cleans and feeds the cubs.”

She doesn’t know the difference?! Sir, are you unintelligent? Are you saying the dog doesn’t realize or notice the puppies she is nursing are tigers? Maybe, perhaps, because she recently had puppies and nursed her own, she has compassion and love for these babies who were rejected? I’m sorry. I keep forgetting how wild dogs are and how simple and stupid they are. NOT! I don’t know what kinds of dogs this man usually meets, but this sure isn’t my experience.

Don’t get me going…


2 thoughts on “I’m on the soapbox: Zoo owner not very aware

  1. I thought the same when I read this story. I’m also concerned about the health of the tiger cubs. I’ve bottle fed newborn kittens, and I know their nutritional needs are different from those of dogs. It seems like the same would be true of the tiger cubs.


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