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Being empathic can suck sometimes

I am like the posterboard model for the new energy alert at What’s UP On Planet Earth. I think I have the same Guides. 🙂 When I read the alert this morning–very early indeed–I almost flipped how much it matched what I was feeling. Foxy had a huge clearing emotionally tonight after waking from sleep twice, and I was right along with her. Kidneys are the seat of fear and I was told she was clearing out years and years of fear (she had a terrible fear of thunderstorms most of her life that brought complete terror). I was feeling what she felt and was in such fear myself, having tons of nightmares and fearful thoughts; much of what I needed to release that I probably never expressed.  Lots of Rescue Remedy later and lots of Reiki for us both, and we are now both calmer and Foxy ate her early breakfast with gusto again. Weird energies! Must we feel it all so intently?



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2 thoughts on “Being empathic can suck sometimes

  1. i’m new to our blog — what alert?

    i felt strange all day yesterday. off-kilter, out of balance, unhappy. i slept for 3 hrs mid-day, which is very unlike me. i had hard dreams. this morning i feel a little better, but i can still sense the imbalance.

    i need these alerts!

  2. Hi Crys. See the last link on my blogroll–the What’s Up On Planet Earth page.

    Something was happening yesterday! I felt the worst anxiety swept past me and the worst mood. Today better. A big clearing for all I think.

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