Does it feel right?

I have found with all the advice or guidance I receive, the best source to listen to is my gut. Now, my gut has been out, so that’s not a good thing. I’ve been too upset about Foxy being sick. I’ve had Guide messages, friends helping, dreams, but it’s the old empathic guidance system that works the best. The guidance I need to listen to feels right. When something was off or didn’t ring clear, it felt wrong. I could almost hear the record skip! It’s hard to hear when fear gets in the way, or your worse fears are rearing their heads. It’s funny, as Foxy’s kidneys are flushed out of all toxins, I feel most of my fears and old stuff being flushed to the surface. We are so connected to our animals.



  1. I like your metaphor of hearing the record skip. I’ve certainly felt that before. 🙂 I also truly understand how fear gets in the way of our being able to accurately hear our guidance. I have soooooo been living that since Husband has been in the hospital (11 weeks now). But its getting better. I seem to be slowly getting past the acute terror and am able to connect better.

    I’m really sorry to hear about your wonderful Foxy being sick. I’ll definitely include you both in my prayers!

  2. Sarah!

    I thought of you often and how hard it must have been for what you are going through. My wish for you is all the excellent support that you need on every level! Fear gets in the way and also, I find, hearing all the other voices coming from others and even spirit. It’s like static, isn’t it? Lots of prayers for you both too!

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