Hi everyone. Our red dog, Foxy, who I always talk about is sick and needs your prayers. We’d like her to respond to the doctor’s IV treatments to stabilize her kidneys. Since I believe in miracles and have witnessed them myself, I’d like one now. Please prayer for her recovery send her lots of light. She is a sensitive angel dog, who responds super well to vibrational reiki, etc. I don’t know if it is on her path now to get ready to leave, or recover to have maintenance. I have had so many mixed messages; Guides that have said she’ll be fine, and the visit today to the Vet has thrown off my faith in the light. So even if you say “I do believe in Fairies”, we can make enough light to make a difference. We’ve had many losses in just the last few years. Very big ones. Foxy is special because she has been my Guide here and helps me cross over the spirits. Thank you! May the light come right back at you.


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