Hey, that’s not mine!

The message I learned in dream school last night with my Guides, is to not take on others’ problems. That’s their life lessons and their earth school. You wouldn’t complete someone else’s math class in high school, would you? You’d offer tutoring and help, but not do the work for them. This lesson can be so hard for Empaths. We feel all the stuff going on around us so strongly, especially now with the energies going up a notch or two. But it’s important that when you react to someone else, to take a second to identify if it’s just someone else’s stuff. Protect yourself. Stand your ground. Speak your truth. Walk away from it. Too many times in my life I allowed someone else’s stuff to affect me and I allowed it to trigger me when I took it personally. Sure, keep looking at your own stuff. That’s what we are here to do. But sometimes it IS about someone else. Don’t star in their movies! (That was the message I got. And a good one at that).

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  1. So right on!!! It took me a long time to not be triggered by things and react. Now I can stop myself and observe and see the reality of things. Okay well some times my ego gets ahead of me but now that is just occassional and not all the time, so I am getting better.

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