Going mainstream?

I have a mainstream life and my psychic, weird life. I teach an art class or two in respectable society. That’s my mainstream life. I love art, and especially expressive art and creativity of all kinds. In that world, I like to watch and coach people to thrive in their artistic expressions.

In my other life, I have conversations with Angels, travel regularly in between dimensions, see spirits, see lights around plants, talk and hear the animals as if it were totally natural, and try to teach all of this to other folks who think they make be crazy but are also “sensitives.” As a teacher in that world, I hope to see students thrive and grow and accept their sensitive, authentic selves. I suppose both world roles are the same. Same mission, different worlds. Pity that one world would probably freak at the other. I hope one day they will intertwine and the world has gotten to the point where that didn’t happen. In the meantime, I will feel a little fractured.