Seeing Numbers and site is up

Okay, site is up in all its glory sans my Potion shop which is being revamped and rescued from webspace. It’s here.

So, are you still seeing numbers? For a long time I would see “444” a great deal. When I looked up the numbers at Doreen Virtue’s site I learned that it meant my Angels were watching over me. I think once I learned this, whenever my Guides and Angels wanted to let me know this, they had this new “code” they could show me and get the message to me fast. I have noticed, when I need it the most I feel inclined to look at the clock.

As for 555? Lots of change. Lots of change about to happen. Change is constant. I think I see these numbers whenever I’m about to experience a change, so I don’t freak out. I always then ask for gentle and easy change!

I think our Guides/Angels are probably so happy there are codes like this to give us quick and easy messages. Makes their jobs easier.