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The Psychic World vs. the “real” world

I’ve been very spoiled the last eight years. We’ve lived close to Sedona, the capital of weird and much psychic activity. Most of my friends are all intuitive in some way and see things from a higher perspective. It is not uncommon to speak about animal communication or about our Guides and Angels in our normal conversation because this is our reality. We moved in the past year to an area that is beautiful and filled with activity and unknowingly moved into a small town that is very religious and church-going. Our own family is very spiritual but not religious. We all have such wild psychic experiences on a regular basis it is hard not to believe in psychic ability. Our daughter is going to a school that is very structured. She does well with structure, but we found out most of her friends are very religious and have regularly tried to save her soul on numerous occasions just because she has different beliefs. I have been pretty isolated from all of this and usually hang out with the other healers in the area. Until today.

We went to a lovely new vet. A huge coincidence (:)) was the new vet just happens to be a vet I met long ago when she was just starting out and I was just starting out in my animal communication biz. I drew her logo for her biz back then, and in return, she did a house call for our babies. She believed in animal communication, alternative healing, and flower essences, and even lived in a spiritual retreat center. We had a lovely visit today and found out Foxy, our red dog, was having some kidney stuff. Foxy herself had communicated to me that she felt her dog food was too rich and salty and was causing a strain on her kidneys. In the vet’s office, I knew then, that she needed to check Foxy’s kidneys, and was right. (Big validation I heard Foxy right). The vet also asked me if I worked with dogs’ behavior issues. At the end of the visit I felt great that I had finally found an aware vet and left some business cards at the counter. Much to my surprise and amazement, I received a phonecall from the Vet’s office saying I needed to remove my business cards because the owners are Christian and don’t believe in that “stuff.” Not missing a beat, I just suggested they give the cards to the vet we worked with who WAS into that kind of “stuff.”

I am still amazed. Perhaps I’ve been too sheltered being surrounded by like-minded’s for so long. I don’t see how being a Christian excludes you from believing in healing with Nature and working with your intuition. Many of my students have a Christian background and believe fully just from experience alone. Perhaps I was sent there that day for reassurance for the Vet we know. I am not sure if we should look for a new vet for our girls or not, or what we were meant to learn from the experience just yet. I do know that I felt excluded and unaccepted for who I am (afterall, God made me psychic!) and that is not what Christianity is supposed to be about. Christ, I recall, was all about unconditional love and acceptance for everyone. And wasn’t Christ himself able to talk to animals, heal with his hands, channel God and his messages? Hmmm. What do you think?



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9 thoughts on “The Psychic World vs. the “real” world

  1. Hi Ronni,
    Wow! I am speechless. This must be difficult for you and especially your daughter. Sending angels to guide you.
    Lots of Love,

  2. Hi,
    This is Alex. It is marvelous that you found a vet that is of like mind. The rest, I think, does not matter. You do not work w/them. You work w/the vet and supporting her means that she will be able to touch the lives of other pets and their owners. What if there are other clients like you but who do not feel comfortable talking about these things?
    I go to Pet Smart. I have been working w/my pet w/reconnective healing and Reiki. Pee Wee had a very bad blood result which, as per one of the vets there, indicated that he had a very bad liver condition and that he might need surgery and who knows what else. Well, after a couple of months I asked Dr. Griffin if she could run another blood test. She asked me if I had changed his diet or had been doing something different. I told her that maybe she thought I am crazy but that I had been doing energy work. She asked me what kind and I told her. She told me that she was open minded. She told me it would be interesting to see how his blood test would come back. So…after they did the test she told me his blood work came back perfect! So…maybe both of you need each other for validation and support and maybe this will bring others the opportunity to gain more information about these things.
    🙂 Alex

  3. Ronni~
    As you well know we are drawn to certain people/ places for reasons we may not be aware of and do not even NEED to know. Just know that you were where you needed to be and speaking with the right person too. As for the vet, if you liked her and she made you feel comfortable and accepted, and helped you and your children, then stick with her. Be sure that she knows that if she leaves that office to inform you where she might be found.

    Also, hang in there sister!!! Your area is growing in its “openess” to the “wierd” (although many choose to hide this fact in their lives), and realize that you just might be a crusader there for others to feel comfortable enough to “come out of the psychic closet”, and attract more of us “wierd” folk there too! 😀 After all…. like attracts like!!
    Love, Blessings, N Angel Kisses to you and all of your family!!

  4. Ronni,
    I think I would leave a message for the vet and ask her what she thinks about your cards on the counter.
    If she wants them there it will be up to her to discuss that with the owners and staff.
    I have been treated like that for ever. My sister even more than me. She is much more intutive than I am and even though people want to know what she can tell them they treat her like she is the devil somtimes.
    I have the same belief as you and it is sad that people that call themselves Christians treat people like that.
    Blessings to you Ronni,

  5. Hi Ronni,
    I totally understand what you are saying. I am sorry they judged you when all you were doing was being your authentic self and letting your light shine and living your truth. I am disappointed to hear about that kind of close-mindedness happening in your area of the US. I expect that kind of behavior from the fundalmentalist christians here in the bible belt of Oklahoma where I live, but I didn’t expect it there.

    I agree totally with what you said here “Christ, I recall, was all about unconditional love and acceptance for everyone…. And wasn’t Christ himself able to talk to animals, heal with his hands, channel God and his messages?” It is sad that the fundalmentalist christians can’t be more open minded and see what you are saying here. But the fundalmentalist christian preachers here preach FEAR and the devil. I think there are many christians who are open minded and who are spiritual and not “religious” (fundamentalist) I consider myself a christian even tho I don’t belong to any religion or go to any church. I consider the earth and nature my church. One of my sister’s is a fundalmentalist and she has been taught that psychic intuition is the work of the devil, and so is believing that nature has a spirit. (That is just so ridiculous to me that I almost have to laugh when she says it’s of the devil). When the walt disney movie Pocahantus came out, the fundalmentalist preachers told everyone to ban that movie because it had a talking tree in it which was of the devil. So sad. And when the first Harry Potter book came out, my son’s public school banned Harry Potter things…. for example, no one was allowed to give valentines with Harry Potter stuff on them. My son was really disappointed because he has read all the books. But he understands that they just don’t understand and that is why they banned them.

    I am glad that you didn’t “miss a beat” Ronni and that you just suggested they “give the cards to the vet we worked with who WAS into that kind of “stuff.” Keep shining your light, Ronni. One day the fear will be illuminated.

    I am glad you shared your story Ronni. When you discover what the lesson was in all of this, let us know! I am thinking that good things will come from the other vet having your cards!

    Fairie blessings,

  6. Wow…as a born-again, saved by the blood of Jesus Christian, it still dumbfounds me how some folks miss the spiritual side of Christianity….just…miss…it…

    But, I pray for them too.

    I expected some old-fashioned Christian hatred when I went online as a Christian empath, but…I’ve only been loved on…so far 🙂

    I’ve even had some Pentecostals realize the value of what I/we do…

  7. Thank you so much ladies.

    Thanks Dyan, I think the Angels helped me!

    Alex, it is so great that you had instant validation for your healing gifts and changed their minds, I am sure.

    Hanah, I love fellow “weird” folks! Like us. 🙂

    Thanks Candi, for your words.

    Mary my dear, I can’t believe they’d ban Harry Potter! I think my daughter would have gone on a hunger strike if they did that at her school.

    And Ginae, you opened my eyes. I never realized there would be prejudice among other Christians. How awful. Thanks for sharing your point of view, especially as a fellow empath!

  8. Dear Ronni,
    I totally understand your confusion about Christianity and unconditional love. I’m also an Animal Communicator and I have run into this issue as well. I feel that we have this gift not only to speak for the animals, but to enlighten & educate the two leggeds as well. Now a days, if I’m challenged, I just walk away. There are so many others out there, that want to connect and understand the animals on the same plane. I just don’t waste my time anymore on the unenlightened beings. Take your ego out of it and share your love and light where it is welcomed! And yes, change Vets. I have found several that actually recommend me…… I hope our paths cross sometime and we can meet.

    Candi Cooper

  9. Thanks Candi for your comment fellow communicator. I hope we meet too! And we most definitely learned our lesson and switched to a great new vet.

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