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Moving is so ungrounding and movie reviews

We are moving into our pink house. We are taking it slow and easy–something new for us and possibly my new motto. It’s Spring Break, we are all off from work and school, so we can extend the move. What I’ve noticed is Moving is very ungrounding! Empathically, I am constantly feeling odd stuff that is belonging to my family. It’s like one big whirlwind of emotions flying around! I have to constantly stop and think, is this mine? And when the thoughts and feelings are so foreign, I know they are not. The good news is we blessed the new house, smudged it and brought in fairy energy. Emma Lou has spread her delicious puppy energy throughout the house bringing her crazy silliness in. Everytime we go I feel good and silly, which is a new feeling for me lately. I like it. I am seriously thinking of dyeing my hair red and buying a new wardrobe–ah, signs of rebirth! My own stuff has come up also–from long ago, products of old moves. All part of the ungroundedness. I am finding that taking breaks during the move has helped us a great deal. We watched a ton of movies in our downtime:

– Last night we saw The Spiderwick Chronicles in the theater. Visually lush and fun; Hubby was a little disappointed. Had a “Jumangi” feel to it I liked. Fairies seemed to be shown in a bit of a mischievious light I didn’t like.  Loved, loved the flower fairies!!!

– Hated Pan’s Labyrinth.  Yes, it is beautifully done, but boy, is it depressing and violent. Empaths, you will have a hard time with the violence. The violence only got worse as the movie went on and the images more freaky. I am so visual and sometimes these images stay for a long time. Don’t recommend.

– Love Blades of Glory.  This skating comedy is so, so funny! Just what was needed during a move. The writing is well done and unlike many comedies that fall short in laughs towards the end, this comedy keeps delivering. Two thumbs up.

Man of the Year. Love Robin Williams. Up in the air with this one. Kinda depressing, but good commentary on today’s politics.

Ghosthunter reruns. Um, duh. You know I love this series.

The Last Whimsy. Love, love this movie. It is real! The stuff the kids see is what I see most of the time, so this was very validating. This is a very forward thinking movie.  Sad when she had to say goodbye to the bunny though.

Until later movies…



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One thought on “Moving is so ungrounding and movie reviews

  1. I totally understand what you mean by moving being ungrounding! We redid our kitchen last summer and so had to “move out” of that part of the house. I resisted moving anything out until almost the last moment before the old cabinets had to be taken out because just the thought was making me feel so ungrounded and insecure. I also refused to pack everything away in boxes for the duration of the remodel. It made me very unsettled to think of the fabric of my home being segregated like that. Yes, weird, I know. We ended up putting up temporary shelves in our “library” room and storing all the kitchen stuff there. (We have a very small kitchen and, consequently, not that much stuff.) I have wondered since then how freaked out I would get if we had to move house. I think that if I had the time t do it slowly and take as much care of the energetics as the material stuff I’d do ok, but I’m sure I’d still be discombobulated until I was fully settled into the new (well blessed!) house.

    Blessings to you and your family! I wish you all the best in your new pink house.

    I also loved “The Last Mimsy” and had a hard time with “Pan’s Labyrinth.” Saw “Horton Hears a Who” this weekend. It was very well done. You might enjoy it. 🙂

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