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Sunday tip: rock person & clearing

Have some negativity to get rid of? Taken on someone else’s stuff? This may manifest in a stomach or headache. My Fairy Guides have taught me to hold a rock person. Ask the rock or crystal to transmute the negative energy and send the energy into the rock as you hold it. When you feel complete, ask the rock what it needs to clear. You may intuitively pick up that the rock needs to sit in a window, or needs to set in a glass of sea salt. It may be a crystal that self-generates and never needs clearing. (Wouldn’t that be nice?)

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3 thoughts on “Sunday tip: rock person & clearing

  1. Ronni,
    I am grateful that you follow the nudges from your guides as to when to share these messages. Your timing could not have been more perfect!

    I was working with AA Michael and AA Raphael on clearing my chakras and when I got to my heart chakra, I felt like I was having some difficulty releasing some lower energies (old and deep emotional pain) and I rememered what you said about holding a rock. (I had never tried that before since normally I seem to be able to clear just fine with no other help but that of the AA’s and ascended master Jesus.) But for some reason, I needed some additional help this time. (I remembered you telling me that I would “know” when to use whatever I needed, and you were right!)

    I felt guided to a smooth river rock I’d placed under a tree. I held the rock in my right hand (my “sending” hand since I am right handed) and I could feel the rock warm up as the energy I was clearing absorbed into the rock. I was amazed.

    I then asked the rock what I could do for it, and felt the rock wanted me soak it in the bathtub in saltwater, then rinse it off and it put back out under the tree to absorb the rain water that was coming down, and ultimately the sunshine that would follow the rain. I was so grateful for nature’s help.

    Thank you Ronni.
    Angel Blessings,

  2. Mary,

    Wahoo! Isn’t that very cool? I am so glad you were able to try this technique right away and it was very beneficial. AND that you heard clearly what the rock wanted and needed. To that I say BRAVO! I love the image of the rock back under the tree absorbing the rain water and soaking in sunshine.

  3. I love rocks and work with them all the time. One of my favorite things is a beautiful carved wooden box in which I keep dozens of small stones of various types. No matter how often I go into this box I always love to sit with those stones, picking them up and feeling them, appreciating their beauty and unique energies. Each time I’m drawn to different stones and I know that this is because I’m in need of different energies each time. And sometimes they need me!

    I’m glad that you mention listening to the stone to find out what it wants in the way of clearing. Seasalt and sunshine are wonderful for clearing, but not all stones need or want them and they will tell you what they do need if you just ask and listen.

    Nice post!

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