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Time management for empaths

I’m listening to a great tape–Time Management from the Inside Out–as I drive to school. Of course, the suggestions are for the ideal situation. I find, lately, I rush around like a nut most days, bending to everyone else’s needs, ending the day exhausted and my own fun on the backburner. I realized my time management was more about being centered for me in my own world–not pulled by the many threads around me. I learned this in Nia class the other day also. In Nia, a free-form type of dance class, we bend and flow and scurry around the room. When I switched focus to what other dancers were doing, I actually lost my balance! Back in my own head and my own experience, I felt centered and strong. How fabulous a dance class would be so profound in teaching me. The way I did my process in the class would apply to everything else I do. This week with the help of my ever present and very patient Angel & Fairy Guides, I am focusing on centering.



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2 thoughts on “Time management for empaths

  1. Glad to discern your focus is strengthening. Its amazing how the simple things enable us to feel most complete and connected with our souls. I love the collage-vision-board at the top of this blog. Why not abide in a kind of dream? How we live and what we see begins in our hearts & minds.

  2. Being fully present in your own head and your own experience is a great definition of centeredness. Sometimes its certainly easier said than done, but if you can take that deep breath and “be here now,” it can certainly help!

    I hope things are going wonderfully well with your college classes!

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