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Cool empath links I found online

Here’s a few great empath resources I found on the web. Updated!

What kind of empath are you?

Take my Are you a sensitive? quiz right on this site here.

Interesting forum and definition about empaths:

Author of the Highly Sensitive Person has a great online self test. Totally dig her books, too.

Elaine Aron has a newsletter and she wrote this great article on criticism, the sensitive’s killer.

More resources found at:

(If you have a great resource you want me to add, and would then like to exchange links on your site, email me. )

Right here I offer:

  • the Care of the Sensitive class (working with Nature to support your Sensitive self)
  • 50 Tools for the Sensitive e-book filled with tips and new ways to see yourself as a sensitive and an empath.
  • Readings for the Sensitive. Only a fellow one would understand.
  • Flower essences just for you.
  • On-line classes to develop your empathic, psychic abilities.



I'm Ronni, a designing fairy living among the humans. I'm a writer, illustrator, and inventor who loves to share what I've learned to help others in a fun way, whether it's my Help! I'm Sensitive series for the empaths, Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck for the part fairies, or the Idea Emporium for budding designers, I hope my creations help make life more fun and easier while still providing needed tools. I live in a treehouse with my elf partner, giant ooh-yellow dog, a floppy bloodhound, and three step-fairies.

5 thoughts on “Cool empath links I found online

  1. Those were great links. I have taken the empath test before and scored as a Universal Empath and I am very much a HSP. I am still learning how to adapt but it is very tough.

    Nice blog. I wish I had more time in order to visit more regularly. It is hard to find good quality blogs like yours.

  2. Thanks for sharing such useful tidbits of information. Its incredible how opportunities to learn more about ourselves are all around us. We can benefit from remaining open.

  3. Hi. I have recently been exposed to information regarding sensitives and empaths and believe I am one (I do not understand if there is a difference) but I do not feel I have anyone to support me and would like to know if you know of people in my area (Philadelphia) who I could contact, or any groups, or books that you recommend, or anything that will help me. I have become isolated, removed from my feelings, frightened and bored. I am not sure where to go from here. I appreciate the resources. Can you help me? Thank you sincerely, Lynn

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