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Sad dreams

I’ve been having so many grief dreams lately! I wonder what kind of energy is floating around in the air. Many of my dreams have the theme of me trying to save people from dying. Now, to be fair, this has been a constant in my life. Perhaps I am clearing out a part of me that needs to be washed away. Perhaps, this is a dream theme because I am trying different avenues to teach, venturing forward in new activities, that brings some fear and anxiety. I am also hearing many ultimatums in my head–either this makes money or it is gone, or I’ve had enough of struggling in ___ area. That tells me my energy is changing and everything else needs to change to. I am wondering if other lightworkers are experiencing these feelings…



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4 thoughts on “Sad dreams

  1. This seems to be an interesting parallel to my dreams recently. I haven’t been dreaming about people dying, but I have been dreaming about fearful situations. I call them anxiety dreams. I’ve also been having a recent recurrence of anxiety relating to a bad fall and broken ankle last summer; I keep reliving the fall just as I’m falling asleep and jerk awake. My take on this is that I’m responding to the dramatic increase in fear and anxiety in the world right now. Not only are we worried over the war in Iraq but the presidential campaigns are heating up and the economy is taking a beating. These sorts of events tend to make the psychic/emotional tensions rise dramatically.

    On the other hand I also think that there are changes taking place that may be especially relevant to lightworkers. Last week Karen Bishop at What’s up on Planet Earth spoke about processing loss as a way of clearing for upcoming changes. Perhaps both your grief dreams and my anxiety dreams are part of that same pattern?

    Brightest Blessings!

  2. Sarah, that sounds right, doesn’t it? On one hand we are picking up this global unease and then getting ready for so many changes. I wonder sometimes why we signed up for so much before we got here! It would be nice for a change to just feel my own angst, wouldn’t it? 🙂 As always, thanks for your sharing.

  3. I had a weird and sad dream last night. My friends grandfather died, and he was the author many Scooby Doo books including a very touching one. Everytime my friend thought about him she cried really hard. One day we got a new library and I asked her if she wanted to find a math book, and she asked me if we could see if they had any Scooby Doo books. I agreed with her and we went off. We found some and she was so glad, I asked her if she wanted to read them in order but she wanted to read the touching one first she cried as she read it. I woke about to cry. It was very sad.What is going on?

  4. Kacie, try this technique. Imagine everything in the dream is you or a parallel to something in your life and ask what each thing is. What is Scooby Doo? A funny character who is smart and silly. so, that part of me that is smart and silly..

    Good luck.

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