What we least expect

I am teaching both a non-credit course in Animal communication in April, and a bookmaking/book design credit course class this spring, in addition to Fairy School and private coaching. I kept thinking I need to put out my flyers for the AC class, when I received the current enrollment update. Imagine my surprise. In as little as two weeks sign up time I filled the class of 15! There’s big hope for this area, and that tells me a big need to relearn this skill. How bloody well exciting! (I do offer an online class in AC, as well as private classes)

And, have you ever notice you go in one direction, and your Guides come in and throw a suggestion or a whisper your way in a direction you never even thought of? I dreamt of finding an old children’s book collection. This dream broke my heart! I had hopes long ago of publishing many children’s books but the timing wasn’t right and the world didn’t agree. I hate dreams like that. Why reawaken the dead? Why bring up old dreams and go down that path again. Unless, of course, we were always meant to…