Earth Energies Now–checking in

Empathically it feels like the energies are still, calm, quiet. Perhaps this is desperately needed after experiencing such strong energies in the last few months that have done a number on most of us! I’ve been having many dreams in the astral of choosing and picking what I want, often in the subject of shopping! I think we are preparing for what is next and we have a choice what that will entail. My Guides tell me to take the time out to decide which direction to go in, and always, the message is to go where there is the most energy for you. I find lately, when I pursue my “head” ideas only, I am bored, lifeless and even annoyed. Yet, the heart ideas peek through–experimenting and playing with color, writing, making books, playing. Those are the ideas I need to follow. I am very impatient by nature, so of course, I want to know what is next RIGHT NOW. It feels like the energies will pick up by the end of the month, going into February. Lots of forward movement and excitement. Right now there’s the lull–the preparing.

The essence of choice right now? Yucca for focus and for following your purpose or path.