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Duck energy part two

Ah, finally I am learning what Duck Energy is. For the empath, duck energy is essential–the key to sanity. Duck energy represents detaching from others’ stuff; observing without carrying. I feel as if I’ve been in a fish bowl experiment lately  with my newly-teen daughter home from school for two weeks. Girls at this age are reactive at best. I told my husband, it is like she has PMS 24/7, which can’t be the easiest thing to have. My immediate response to anger is anger, so using duck energy has been my tool. Perhaps she is simply bringing up my control issues.
When I watch her do absolutely nothing a few days straight, I want to step in and offer suggestions, help, anything. But I finally learned this act did nothing but aggravate her more. Let it go, I kept hearing. But as a parent, isn’t it our jobs to make sure our girls grow up to be happy, well-adjusted adults? Let it go. Where’s her passion? Her joy? Her excitement? Let it go. Just swim along in the sea and don’t get lost in others’ floods. They are swimming along too, the best they can. You can’t go to school for someone else, can you? Let it



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3 thoughts on “Duck energy part two

  1. Hello and thanks for addressing this…

    I’ve just started a job where I discovered – after having been hired – that I’m going to have to deal w/ sick and possibly angry people on the phone…

    I had a sad day last week when I spoke to someone who had just lost his wife. And clearly, this is the norm.

    All I know to do is put up the white light, in the shape of a protective bubble…!

    I’d like to read more of your thoughts about this duck energy….

    Thanks for it 🙂

    Ginae AKA Empath

  2. I use a bunch of essences for protection, Ginae. I also find sniffing Eucalyptus oil helps me separate and soooo important to clear everyone out when you come home. If there is a chord still in there you will feel it. I always talk about taking baths in my classes. Water works wonders for clearing out others’stuff.

    I’ll be writing much more about duck energy, I promise. 🙂

  3. Well, that is very interesting….
    I wrap myself up (or others in need) in a pink cozy blanket that has armor sewn into the lining…You would never know the armor is there unless you are me. But this is my protection from energy that I don’t want or need. Same as taking a shower. I truly believe water clenses the soul.
    beautiful pink soft blanket of comfort!!!!!

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