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It’s my Bday and Beagle visits

I am happy to say I had a beagle spirit visit the other day and today! I had a very lucid dream about Lilibeth. I could feel her fur, etc. As I woke up I distinctly felt her energy and it felt WONDERFUL. I remember thinking that my neck hurt. I heard a voice say, “Oh, you can heal that.” So typical Lils, who had been teaching me how to heal and told me before she crossed the rainbow bridge that it was time for me to step into my power as a healer. She said the words so simply, which gave me such great confidence. Very nice.

I also thought the other day about relatives we love who have very different views on politics, religion and even global warming! I am thinking that everything is based on experiences. I believe wholeheartedly in the after-life only because of my experiences I’ve had tell me that is the truth. I can’t deny it after so many experiences that can be documented in so many forms. But I could never expect someone else to believe if they have never ever been touched by death or have had no experiences of the psychic or sensitive nature. They may not be wired that way. It’s not wrong or right, only very different experiences. We believe what we experience and what we are meant to experience. Perhaps in my role as a teacher I needed to experience these things to teach this particular area.



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