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I am starting a new column within my blog: flower essence and Nature tools for support. I have learned from my Guides (Fairy and otherwise) great, natural tools to support my sensitive system.

Today’s focus is Salvia Potion. This lovely purple plant grows in the fields and in many of my neighbor’s lawns in Arizona. It is tall with bunches of tiny purple flowers. Salvia is emotionally calming, great for this kooky & sometimes dramatic holiday season. This essence is also good for detaching from others’ emotional dramas, and of course, our own. I’ve taken this essence in the middle of an emotional melt-down, PMS, and in trauma.

How’s it feel? I feel calm, and the emotional edge has been taken off. I am also in a more balanced place so I can detach easier, and see the higher picture.

Order at our store. (Our beginner class-flower essence introduction– in Fairy School is also being offered this January.)



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