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Manifesting speeding up

I have been noticing that my manifesting has sped up. Where in the past, there were blocks in the way (apparently) and when I asked for certain things, those things would be long time coming. Is it possible by having such a big clearing and healing, and releasing so much I have removed blocks in that area? I am so happy! It has been as simple as thinking I needed something, perhaps money for a certain bill, and then I’d be surprised how it suddenly emerged. Before it had felt like I was working with quicksand. Has anyone else experienced this shift?


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2 thoughts on “Manifesting speeding up

  1. Last spring I had my aura cleared and I slept better in the following nights then I had in years. It felt cleansed and renewed and experienced a jump in energy. It was great. Now if I could get the money thing to come my way…….maybe I just need to have my aura cleansed again.

  2. Hmmm, aura clearing. Now that’s interesting. So maybe its all the junk stuck to our aura like velcro that is causing a block to our manifesting. I wonder…

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