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You Don’t Have to do it “right”

Today, just a little reminder, that you have permission to do things “wrong.”

You can think crappy, resonate at a lower vibration, not think about what you want instead of what you DO want and worry. All of it! You will have off-days. You will have times when you feel angry and are releasing stuff from the past  (that’s a good thing!) You will have days you get swept up in the fear around you (sometimes it is hard not to). You will have days filled with frustration (and who doesn’t?). You are in a human body enjoying earth school, and just like in school, you may fail a class or a test and still continue on. You are here to learn, not get everything “right.” And sometimes, there are no right’s. Sometimes, you are meant to get angry. Your anger may be just the thing to help another. So just today, cut yourself some slack.



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2 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to do it “right”

  1. What if there was no such thing as “right” or “wrong” except in an individual’s mind? I’ve evolved to believe that everything that happens in my life can be seen as beneficial ‘experience.’ This attitude raises my vibration because I realize I create my own issues as well as my own solution-oriented thinking.

  2. Good insight, Liara. I was commenting on how many of us give ourselves a hard time in this area. How fabulous to be evolved in this area. This is my “tough” area–lessons I came in to learn. I know there are others who are learning the same thing. I look forward to being in that evolved space for this area!

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