Cleaning house & core issues 2

I am proud to say my blog was listed in a search under “freaky psychic.” Don’t be jealous. 🙂

Many of us I have mentioned are experiencing some heavy duty cleaning of house and in-your-face core issues coming to the surface. I’ve been experiencing a big time healing that has brought up my core issues and garbage that I’ve carried around since I was tiny! It’s been amazing and wild and I feel like, with this big healing I am in the process of rebirthing myself altogether. My Guides have been along side me all the way and my trust in them has been tested. I believe we should all test our helpers once and while, not blindly trust, and they are coming through this with flying colors. Hang on to all of my blog friends if your core stuff is coming to the surface. It’s time to finally clean house so we can leave it behind. We are being offered now assistance to finally have understanding behind those issues so we can soar higher. More later…