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Angel Healing

In the course of picking up Lilibeth all the time for the past months I pulled out a part of my back and misaligned everything. With lots of talks with Guides and readings with dear friend Pamela, I learned I was carrying way too much that it wasn’t my job to do. This manifested in the back problem and misalignment. When Lils was getting ready to leave, I heard her Angel say I needed to let go; I couldn’t carry her anymore. I hadn’t realized until then that I had been. Before she left, I was doing many healings on her, and attending her healing treatments at her healer’s. We were healing together.

My Angel healers have been working non-stop on me. It’s an amazing feat to watch and feel. It’s as if there are invisible doctors working on each part. When I need to heal and they will work on me, I find myself suddenly very sleepy. I woke up feeling like I had when I’ve had deep massage or a Reiki treatment. Today my back is straighter as if I went to a chiropractor. Because I was pretty out of it when I woke up, I could hear one “helper” talk to me very kindly, giving me care directions.  I am fascinated and amazed. Bad part is, I am a terrible patient. I don’t like to do nothing and sit still. So I’m blogging this morning. 🙂 Boy, these last few months HAVE been intense and very healing for the lightworkers, hasn’t it?



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2 thoughts on “Angel Healing

  1. Do you always talk to or hear angels? I am new to your blog. What or who else can you hear or talk to?

  2. I hear my Guides/Angels and see them as little lights, colors or patterns. I can also hear animals, sometimes “dead” people, and telepathically other people, and Nature Spirits. I think that covers it.:) Welcome aboard, Madisonleigh.

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