Wise will

I am learning the difference between wise will connected to my higher self and my lower will connected to my little brain, according to the great book Spiritual Growth by Sanaya Roman, a classic. The other day I stopped at a local healer’s place and tried out a fabulous essential oil, Cardamom. With just a little rub, I felt grounded and calm. That’s the great thing about being a sensitive, a little goes a long way! The healer, Suzanne, noticed I started coughing. She said that meant my feeling area was not aligned with my head. Ain’t that the truth. I’ve been working on head-only decisions, and have lately been learning how to follow my intuition or heart/feelings, according to Sanaya, my wise will. The wise will will lead you through your feelings and what you WANT to do. Today I feel like painting canvases and making essences. My brain is telling me to go fuss on the website and worry. Which do you think I will listen to?

Tomorrow I hope to write about the odd vision I had. There is always so much to write about and share!


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