The Plot thickens

In the past few months, during all the crazy clearings, several times I’ve been what I thought downloaded with a diamond symbol. I am beginning to think I’ve been travelling to work with this new symbol, which brings with it a new energy. I know that Lils’ leaving coincided with this new portal that opened and this door that opened. I have felt the energy that is coming through and it is beautiful!

If you talked to me years ago, none of this would have made sense. I am a scientist–I need to see it to understand it. I’ve seen the diamond several times in visions and recorded it into my notebooks, not having a clue what I was seeing. My Guides said this symbol would help with rebuilding in a better way. What wonderful validation to scout the web today and learn that the 11:11 portal opens up this new grid of energy that is basically the new feminine energy that is trying to balance out all this war-mongering-aggressive crazy male energy we’ve experienced! It’s not our imagination, all though it is all trippy, isn’t it? Haven’t you felt more of that feminine energy to just be, not push? To move into self care. To grow into your new self? It’s all part of this amazing process.
Here’s a link I found this morning regarding the diamond energy: