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The 11:11 portal and Lils opened a door

Lilibeth left on the 11th. As she was leaving, she showed me a gate that opened over a beautiful field of flowers. I stood there with her at that gate enjoying the view. I turned to Wendy in the physical and said, “Lils opened a door for me.” What I felt next was the most pleasant, delicious feeling of such love, peace, calm, happiness all wrapped up in one. I told Wendy I didn’t want that feeling to ever end. I was feeling what Lils was experiencing in this place.

This morning I had a dream visit, right around the time of morning she would have woken up with me. Lils’ body was young and fixed and I held her and she felt so soft. I woke up with that same feeling I had looking down at that field. I walked into the living room to find Lilibeth’s teddy bear and bagel toy in the middle of the room and Emma Lou jumping up excitedly, telling me that Lils had just visited her!

When I checked my email I learned through the What’s up on Planet earth energy report, that a portal had opened on the 11th to the new higher energies. Lils had gone right through that portal to exit and brought through that feeling to me. Is this the feeling this door opens to? This divine connection to all that is–God–or whatever you call God? Bathed in that feeling I felt huge, endless, so much more than I ever thought I was. How can you ever be the same after feeling that? The restructuring my Guides have spoken up have occurred. I feel this strong need to get a whole new wardrobe, as nothing seems to fit this version of me. The growing pains are done, I am who I’d become, or maybe, who I always was underneath all the masks.



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2 thoughts on “The 11:11 portal and Lils opened a door

  1. Hi Ronni,

    I found your blog by syncronicity because I was searching for more information on the 11:11 portal. On the 11th and 12th I had amazing energetic experiences and also physical symptoms like my body was coming apart. I knew nothing about the portal and then the following day I read about it in Karen’s Energy Alert. Like you, my life seems to run like clockwork on her reports.

    How amazingly beautiful!
    Much love and light on your path.
    Love janie

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