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Earth Energies now

So, what’s going on in the world now? I think many of us who are sensitive are feeling lots of changes in the air. If you are empathic, you are probably picking up on a great deal of free-floating fear that may be bringing up your own. I have felt a great deal of change in my own life wanting to be stirred up! On a positive note, my talks with my Angels & Guides has increased. I wanted to know why my feeling of lack of support lately was originating. Imagine my surprise when I was pulled outside of myself to see the big picture! I was shown and taught that I came here to SEE what happens when there are many conditions place on me with a delayed or lack of reward. I needed to learn how to reward myself, and once again, focus on what feeds and nurtures me and gives me the most joy (a frequent Fairy teaching I’ve received).

I love these big picture knowings from the Angels, but they it is not always easy to make that shift in the practical world, is it? I was advised to work with the OAK tree to help with this shift and all the crazy shifts I was currently experiencing in my body lately, since the lunar eclipse (darn moon feminine energy!)



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  1. Yes Ronni, lots of changes in the air! Initially they felt positively catacylsmic (oxymoron?); now they’ve lightened up a bit, yet it feels like something big is comin’ down. Sometimes I don’t eat all day; other times there’s always something I’m chewin’ on. Yikes!

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