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Do dogs emotionally release?

We took Lilibeth, our beagle, to the acupuncturist and healer yesterday. If you ever wondered if dogs release like we do from healing, they do! Dogs, I learned in a recent reading I did, release through exercise and play. They must move around to express their pain or upset, or even built-up energy. If they aren’t able to, like our Lilibeth, who has a hard time moving around from her arthritis, dogs will bark, and bark, or act out. After each healing, Lilibeth will bark and bark. I was in such panic the first time this happened. And I must say, it is very hard to hear our animals when they are screaming! She had already had her painkiller and I heard to the right to me (my Guide), that what she was releasing was emotional pain. I grabbed for our Salvia potion, which did the trick. She calmed down considerably. The last visit, Jessica and I sat with her and began doing hands-on work and Reiki. There was one shudder of Lil’s body, and she gave me a dazed look. Next thing I know, she is fast to sleep on her bed! She had released whatever was stuck inside! Just like us, our dogs have their own emotional stuff to work through that will often manifest in the body. Little by little, they deal with their stuff, learn and release, much like us.



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One thought on “Do dogs emotionally release?

  1. Hi Ronni,

    It’s great to read that people are coming to understand that animals need to release emotionally – as humans do.

    I have a horse that held a lot of things emotionally which crippled him using his back legs properly or been able to be ridden. Vets could do nothing for him and labelled it stringhalt, but with alternative spiritual healing he has improved dramatically. Five years ago I was told I would not keep him for longer than a few months – he is still here 🙂

    The great outdoors is so healing for our animal friends that are kept indoors and should never be underestimated.


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