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Negativity–someone else’s poop

How do you know you’ve been exposed to negativity? You feel bad. Out and out bad. It can be your own worst thoughts, messages from childhood, other people’s poop, violence on tv, or even someone else’s aggressive behavior.  When I encounter negativity, whether the words were “well-meaning” or not, my head will hurt right in my psychic spot. If I ignore that feeling, the ache will increase. If the room is filled with negativity, my stomach may even hurt. Our bodies are instant barometers of what is good for us and what is bad. I love how simple it can be. For instance, a friend gives you a criticism. If it is a truth, it will resonate. Your body may tense for a moment, but then it will relax a bit in that truth. If it was someone else’s poopy disguised as help, this is how it will feel: BAM! OUCH! YUCK! You may even feel shame, bad, and you will lose energy like you are standing in quicksand. You’ve been just been doused with negativity, regardless of how well-meaning it was, your body knew the truth. Don’t make your self wrong–that feeling you had is right. Run away! Don’t walk to the nearest exit. Create a boundary this minute. Put up that wall.

My Guides taught me that it is perfectly okay to walk away and leave a room. My husband and I were once in a room with a doctor who was supposably helping our daughter. He began to speak pure drivel at one point and was not listening to us, lost in his own world. I remembered the Guides advice and a good friend that told me I can always leave to say I’m going to the bathroom. No one disputes that. I excused myself with that excuse in hand, and never came back! I headed straight to the car (after telling my husband what I was doing). If I stayed one more minute arguing with that man, I would have suffered. He didn’t care, he was oblivious.

It helps to know that many times it IS someone else replaying their own poop, so then you can detach and walk away. To the sensitive, you’ve usually picked up a bit anyway, so walking will help you detach and see what is yours and what isn’t. With the Nature Spirits advice, I made Pumpkin essence, which is great for clearing out others’ stuff after you’ve picked it up. This has been a God-send many times over.

And one more thing, always look for intentions. WHY is someone saying something to you? Is their intention good? To really help? Or is it so they feel superior? Like the “friend” who corrects your spelling when you share your intimate piece of poetry? (Again, that’s someone else’s poop).



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  1. I agree with you about the positive impact of pumpkins. I have seen positive effects as the result of ingesting soup, juice, pie and other forms of this magical vegetable.

    You may be interested to read another approach taken to nip the development of negativity and reactions to it in children. I wrote a post about a unique view and structure in education:

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