True colors

There’s been lots of talk lately about what color everyone is. I found this great book in a Finding Passions class this summer that classifies everyone in colors. I don’t unusually like putting folks in boxes, but I actually found this very helpful. This method makes career seeking simpler. I have found with lots of my clients that their career issues are about being a blue in an orange job, or a green in a blue environment! I often relate to this. I will find that if I am not creating art or writing that helps others I am quite bored. If I only do readings that don’t involve analyzing, providing knowledge, problem-solving or detective work, but are all counseling, I find myself missing something. Anyway, I should get a commission on these referrals. Hee hee. Here’s the link to take the quiz:

Incidently I was a green-blue. I was so low on gold and orange, I had to laugh. This said volumes to me!


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